New dApp records on Tron

The Tron Foundation today released the latest dApp (decentralized applications) data on this blockchain.

The data comes directly from dApp Review and refers to Tron but also to other blockchains so you can see comparisons with EOS, for example.

In total, there are 5681 dApps on Tron, which is a massive number, but it must be related to the number of dApps actually active, since some of them have disappeared, become obsolete, or have been revealed as scams over time, so more realistically the dApps currently active are 902.

If we check the number of the various smart contracts, these exceed 14 thousand, or about 3 smart contracts per dApp, while the total number of users is over 200 thousand.

It is also interesting to note the volumes, in dollars, of the market, which are just under one billion dollars, demonstrating that this sector certainly attracts large amounts of capital. If we then consider the ratio between active dApps and volume in dollars, we can simplify by saying that each one moves about 1 million dollars.

The dApps on Tron, EOS and Ethereum

Surely Tron is not the only blockchain to host a large number of dApps and in fact we find interesting data also on Ethereum and EOS.

And each of them has its own personal records.

Tron travels on an average of more than 100,000 users per day, while if we move to Bitcoin Supreme, the dollar volumes are well in excess of one million ETHs, while EOS wins with an average of more than 1.5 million transactions per day.

With this data we can see that there is a real struggle between these blockchain to grab the best developers and projects.

Surely it’s still too early to decide the winner as both EOS and Tron are very young and still have a large margin in the coming years to attract more users, while Ethereum with its 2.0 version could convince more developers and projects as this blockchain could become faster, cheaper and scalable.