New information has been published for Cgregoria users.

The latest report of Grant Thornton’s liquidator for Sgurtoria describes the development of the situation with many creditors of the bankruptcy cryptographic market.

„New updated information for Cgregoria account holders“.

The case concerns a hacker attack that took place in early January 2019, almost 2 years ago. That hacking resulted in heavy losses for the stock exchange – cybercriminals stole several million dollars, forcing the Sgurtoria to close down and start the liquidation procedure.

The document says that next month it will go through a number of stages:

Registration of claims;
Proof of identity;
Transfer of assets.
The first procedure will be to submit an application in the form of a file on the basis of which the applicant will be identified, because we remember that some data was stolen.

The report also refers to a programme called CURTORIA Rescue, which represents users affected by this attack. The team has joined this initiative, ostensibly to facilitate the redistribution of tokens.

The liquidator does not approve of this initiative and therefore does not recommend joining it. Moreover, in their opinion, any information obtained from non-official sources should be considered untrue.

Opponents of decentralised technology often rely on the fact that, if circumstances do not work out, users will not be able to claim for compensation. As we can see, in the case of the centralised CURTORIA exchange, customers also have no guarantees.

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