The fourth recipient of a developer’s grant from OKCoin brought the total amount subsidized to over $500,000

The crypto currency exchange, OKCoin, has continued to support the developers of Bitcoin Core (BTC) with a fourth grant awarded to Bitcoin’s most active contributor since 2017, Marco Falke, for an undisclosed six-figure sum.

This grant brought the total amount subsidized as part of the company’s Independent Developer Grant program to more than $500,000.

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OKCoin believes that funding the open source development of the Bitcoin network is critical to the growth of the entire crypto ecosystem.

CEO Hong Fang said, „Supporting Marco’s work in strengthening the testing framework in addition to its overall responsibilities as a maintainer is important for continued quality development.

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Crucial development

This grant will allow Falke to concentrate on modularizing Bitcoin Core code, ensuring that the code is clearly segmented so that developers have a specific focus. „Developers are usually good at supporting specific parts of the code and this helps clarify responsibilities,“ Falke said, adding that his work will also benefit users:

„Modularizing the code also has advantages for the user; you can disable modules, such as the mining module or the mempool module, which means you can run Bitcoin Core with less computing resources.

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Falke will also continue his work as a Bitcoin Core maintainer, reviewing other contributions to ensure they are aligned with community requirements while helping new contributors make an impact on the community.

„Educating new volunteers on the project and how the consensus model works is a very important part of building the community. I was given this support when I joined, and that’s why I want to pass it on.

Prior to this grant, Falke was working with Chaincode Labs who had also supported his work at Bitcoin Core. This grant is instrumental in his work having an ongoing impact on the entire Bitcoin community.

One of the future plans Falkes is working on is the critical change of the code from Bitcoin to C++ 17. „In two major releases, we plan to change to C++ 17, which allows us to eliminate library dependencies where we have identified errors,“ he explained, and stated that „without the OKCoin grant, this would not be possible.

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Previous recipients of a grant include Bitcoin’s payment processor, BTCPay (USD 100,000) and independent contributors, Fabian Jahr and Amiti Uttarwar (USD 150,000). Previous grant money has been used to support recent developments in the user experience for BTCPay Server, improvements to the UTXO suite and the functional test box.

Promoting the entire crypto-currency industry
Fang explained that through these grants, OKCoin will create a network of active contributors who could collaborate on larger projects:

„Our grant recipients do not work for us or the exchange company, they stay on their own open source path. But we are very open to funding and/or contributing with our own resources to larger projects that help the entire cryptology industry.

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The recipients of these grants are not subject to an exclusive contract with OKCoin, he continued, and suggested that „the more companies that fund the developers the better, and it’s really exciting that we’re seeing more and more crypto companies giving grants to Bitcoin Evolution developers in 2020.